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Mike Gomes Getting Started

Model Mike Gomes on Getting Started

it suits work in this profession perfectly. Big time models would not be where they are today if they never took that first step. The first, and most important step is investing in yourself. Every new and upcoming model must have digitals. These photos show agencies your natural look from different angles. Clear, professional (but untouched) headshots, full-body, ¾ shots and profiles are what agencies want to see. Anyone can edit, filter or Photoshop a picture to make themselves look perfect, but they want to see the real, natural you! Hiring a professional photographer for headshots may seem overwhelming, because many have high rates. However, if modeling is something you’re serious about pursuing, it’s a step you must take.

            When I first made the decision to model, I had no idea how it would turn out. I looked online for photographers in my area, and came across Alex Wolff of Concierge Photography who had so many great reviews on his page. Making the investment was scary, but I knew I had to take a chance on myself. When I shot with Alex, I was definitely nervous at first. While it is important for a model to be confident, no photographer wants to work with a “know it all”. I understood that Alex was the expert, any time he wanted me to tilt my head, eyes, or reposition my body, I did. He was there to help me, and he knew what the best look was for me. Not only did Alex take my initial headshots, but he saw something in me. He kicked my modeling career into high gear and I wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for him.