Long Island Portfolio debuts with it’s premiere issue November 2020. Brought to you by the team that created Model Citizens Magazine , current and previous issues of Long Island Portfolio will be available here for downloading, printing, sharing, and reading for free, just as Model Citizens Magazines are!

Long Island Portfolio Magazine shares stories of artists of all kinds with no limit to the type of art they create.

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Model Citizens Magazine Italy

One of the first International issues, Model Citizens Magazine Italy was an extremely successful issue. Shot exclusively in Venice Italy with cover model Celine Morel, this issue sold out before it was even published. This issue also launched Celine’s career and we barely got through this issue (never mind the additional publications we contracted for) when Celine’s career just went ballistic. Celine never thought she was pretty throughout her life and was amazed that she grew from the self described “ugly duckling” into such a beauty.

Model Citizens Magazine Naples FL

The first domestic specialty issue of Model Citizens Magazine was produced and published in Naples Florida and featured Model Citizen Toni Avrett on the cover. Toni had recently survived a traumatic surgery where a tumor the size of a football was removed from her abdomen. Her healthcare would not cover the cost of the surgery and she was working day and night seven days a week trying to keep up with the medical expenses. Now Toni is healthy and happy and either engaged to be married or has already pulled the trigger and is is perfect health.

Model Citizens Magazine Connecticut

Similar to many of the domestic specialty issues, the June 2015 Connecticut issue cross promoted the other specialty issues and was geo-targeted to several locations in addition to Connecticut. It was an amazing opportunity to photograph Taylor Swift and share her story, especially since it was shot on New Years Eve center stage Times Square. As with a few issues that were lost over time this issue was recreated with file from over six years ago so some of the issue is new.

Model Citizens Magazine Long Island

Model Citizens Magazine August 2020 was one of the themed issues, “Annual Romance Issue” and focused on romance and Chapters Of Love. As it was shot recently during the covid pandemic we also focused on Teens and College students and their struggles with adjusting to the new norm. In this issue Miss Long Island and Model Citizen Madison Argandona is featured as she prepares for the annual Miss New York and Miss USA pageants.

Model Citizens Magazine New York City

I started volunteering for charities when I was just a young man. While praying in Hollywood with Tina Louise (Ginger Gilligans Island) with her pastor, (a.k.a. the pastor to the King of Tonga at the time) I volunteered. Tina received a call from Mohamad asking if she had a great photographer and I offered to shoot after being told the event was going to help children. I had no idea that Mohamad was Mohamad Ali and I have continued to believe that paying it forward is a way of life and have never looked back. Now i have photographed over 3000 charity events complimentary and at times I am asked to photograph the celebrities who attend, like Hulk Hogan for a gala.

Model Citizens Magazine Ohio

I did not spend much time in Ohio but in a way Ohio came to me. Yes Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and model citizen Melissa Baker came to Long Island for a few months and lived in my studio with me while we shot for Model Citizens Magazine and also produced a 30 minute documentary on Modeling in NYC. If anyone knew what the pressures of making it as a model in NYC were, it was Melissa. Melissa loves Ohio and you can hear that in her voice during her Model Citizens Magazine Interview and Documentary. Take a listen for yourself here.

Model Citizens Magazine NYC September 2020

The September issue of Model Citizens Magazine is about how to start your life over after a crisis. We have all faced crisis in our lives and now we know that crisis are inevitable. Many stories in this issue deal with starting over during the covid pandemic, and after health emergencies and financial disasters both on an individual basis and societal basis. We look at the more important things in life, and ask oursevles about the stimulus packages, Universal Basic Income, Career Pivots, and Diversity. Take a look for yourself here.

Model Citizens Magazine Switzerland

Model Celine Dubois moved to NYC to pursue her modeling career after she was hit by a truck and lost her short term memory and her hair. After years of suffering one day Celine simply got her memory back. This was the very first International issue shot in Tramelan, Zurich, and Geneva, Switzerland. Celine is a mother of three incredible children and Tramelon is amongst the most beautiful places I have ever lived. Yes I lives in Tramelon for three months while creating this the first international issue ever.

Model Citizens Magazine Sweden

Julia Valimaki was a somewhat famous model in Sweden having modeled for Vogue, Bazzar, and other top fashion magazines and designers throughout Europe including previous covers. Julia was both an honor student and aspiring model who shared her modeling secrets with other models readily and always tried to help other models. Julia has since gotten married and has had her first child as she continues to support the creative community and completes her education. Julia is originally from Norway and moved to Stockholm.

Model Citizens Magazine NYC

Photographing Billy Joel and making a music video with Billy and Carol Alt was an amazing experience. While vetting Chapters of Love for a lead role for Billy and Carol, we shot a music video, and spent the day together singing opera, drinking amazing wine, and creating content for this issue of Model Citizens Magazine. Truly an honor and once in a lifetime experience. As with many of my subjects Billy printed several of our shots including this cover shot on at 30″ by 40″ canvas.

Model Citizens Magazine NYC

Photographing Billy Joel and making a music video with Billy and Carol Alt was an amazing experience. While vetting Chapters of Love for a lead role for Billy and Carol, we shot a music video, and spent the day together singing opera, drinking amazing wine, and creating content for this issue of Model Citizens Magazine. Truly an honor and once in a lifetime experience. As with many of my subjects Billy printed several of our shots including this cover shot on at 30″ by 40″ canvas.

Model Citizens Magazine Long Island

In June of 2020 our annual swimsuit issue was put to good use. Of course the theme for the issue was nautical but also we used a play on words “Model Citizens Bare it all for Charity” and our model citizens shared their incredible stories about adversity including the cover story with Lydiane Interdonato, where she shared the challenges of growing up with two parents who had severe mental illness, and how the stigma of mental illness even today makes life so much more difficult for those struggling to overcome, and those who are the children, siblings, and caregivers for the mentally ills.

Model Citizens Magazine Texas

At last count Model Citizens Magazine drove over thirty six thousand miles across the US and while shooting our publisher also walked over half way around the world. While on his path he photographed everything worth photographing. From wildlife, the Grande Canyon, Vegas, the mountains, valleys, and national monuments. As Model Citizens Magazine issues are shared you will get to see more and more of the beautiful country and world we live in, not to mention the model citizens from around the world. Stay tuned for the Texas Model Citizens Magazine issue as we restore from our archives.

Model Citizens Magazine France

Lynn Chevron knows exactly what it was like coping with addiction and getting dry. She started modeling again post detox and this was her first cover and shoot since she fought her way back. A true model citizen and inspiration to us all. Paris was one of the most incredible cities I ever saw but I must admit living in the South of France over many summers made me extremely fond France’s southern coast and provence. Cotinyack was amongst the coolest little villages I ever lived in and I will never forget my time with French creatives.

Model Citizens Magazine Nashville

If you ever want to go on a creative musical road trip, Nashville is certainly the place to go. This very musical city lived up to its reputation as the original country music capital of the world with both street performers and honkey tonk musicians playing day and night. Model Citizens Magazine also took the opportunity to film a full length documentary on Nashville Street performers and Honky Tonk Musicians. Mandeline Mike a local historian and celebrity narrated the Nashville documentary and was amazingly talented.

Model Citizens Magazine NYC

I was operating a barter company with hopes of becoming a legal alternative digital currency. While beta testing that business model and the legality of alternative currencies, I also continued supporting charities like My barter company was providing the impoverished Long Islander/s the opportunity to trade their time for much needed products and merchants who had time and product available to trade, made it happen. Truly the more fortunate helping those that were struggling.

Model Citizens Magazine NYC

I was very fortunate to photograph President Donald Trump not only at high profile events but also one-on-one in his office in New York City. The shots came out great and I was also able to informally interview POTUS. In this very political issue of Model Citizens Magazine during the covid pandemic the entire issue ways in on how all of our model citizens believed POTUS was doing, including Model Citizen Congressman Lee Zeldin.

Model Citizens Magazine Vegas

While walking around the country growing arteries in my legs and heart, I was able to actually find space in Vegas at an RV park spot in the middle of the city. It was amazing and I will never forget walking down streets that made Disney look like a typical American town. This issue with MC Hammer on the cover is currently being recovered from files dating back almost 6 years that were on a hard drive with issues. Model Citizens Magazine wIll post this issue as soon as it is reproduced from our archives, and restored.

Model Citizens Magazine Germany

Sometimes we shoot issues for geographic locations in other geographic locations. For the Germany issue we shot this mostly in Switzerland and the US as the sponsor of this issue of Model Citizens Magazine is a US based German model who is also a world renowned DJ. While we were in Switzerland photographing Model Citizens Magazine Switzerland we met so many German nationals that we teamed up with a group of them to honor their hometown. I spent less than a day over the German border but the beer and the good times were worth it.

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