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Art has been a foundation in society since walls in caves were the only available canvases. Marketing and sales has always been a challenge for artists, going back through history when patrons were the main source of livelihood. Long Island Portfolio is dedicated to helping artists of every kind to promote themselves and the art they create. We provide world class photography to accompany featured artist articles driven by interviews, often in their own words.

As art evolves, we will reflect the changes and messages in our content, with articles on current happenings in the art world, with events and even classified ads to help support artists sales.

Please help you favorite painter, sculptor, singer, musician, writer, dancer, architect, chef, choreographer, photographer, digital or tattoo artists increase their branding on Long Island or in New York City by nominating them to be a featured artist.

Recent Posts

  • Kimberly Butler Spotlight

    I would spend years going to places all over the FSU (the former Soviet Union). Then there was Chechnaya. It started like every other airlift at the airport. People crying, saying goodbye, and excitement for the freedom from persecution that was to come. Our Israeli contact told us he was taking these people to Jerusalem, and would be back in 2 days. In the meantime, my assistant and I would stay with these 2 local bodyguards, and one Israeli who was stationed there.

    “We want to take you to a privately owned Restaurant! They have great oxtail soup!” One of them said. Bells and whistles started to go off in my head. I wasn’t touching the soup. The guy next to me asks why. “I’m a vegetarian.” He sticks his hand, with his long dirty fingernails into the bowl, takes it out, and says, “Now, it’s vegetarian!”

    Ok, this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought. My assistant and I both sensed the danger. I am going to skip a lot of frightening details, and just say we managed to get back to the hotel. We holed up through the night and escaped at 5am. A taxi got us to the airport. “Ok, who’s going to Moscow?” I yelled out in this tiny waiting area. A Pilot came over, I “gifted him appropriately, and off we went.”  Wheels up, and I could breathe. There’s a lot more to this story, including an Israeli Commander who kept denying he was a spy. This was followed by a romantic interlude that would stretch from the ice of Russia to the romantic desert winds of the Middle East. But you’ll have to wait for the memoirs.

  • Artexpo NY 2022
    The full spectrum of visual arts was on display, from photography and painting to sculptures of all kinds. Some of the artists created new art in the aisles, like Ohio Mike creating single line portraits of visitors to his booth and Jorge Torrealba doing what he does best.  The artists were very enthusiastic about finally being able to display their work, discuss with attendees and sell in person. There is a certain satisfaction you get when giving a client a piece of art they just bought as opposed to shipping to an unknown person from an internet sale. As a publisher of  (in addition to exhibitor helping John Dowling, Jr.), I had access to art and artists during a press preview period as well as throughout the show. Attendees had great access to the gallery owners and artists alike, meeting in booths as well as a lunch and snack area open to all participants. I especially enjoyed discussing the art, processes and decision making involved with the creation of many of the pieces.
  • M Frank Gallery
    Long Island’s newest art gallery, M Frank Gallery, just opened their doors for a premiere first exhibit in Syosset in Nassau County. When I interviewed Maya Frank, artist and gallery owner for our premiere issue, she told me it was her dream to open a gallery to showcase her work. She is hoping to support fellow artists, businesses with a place for networking and charities for a place to host fund raisers of all kinds. M Frank Gallery opens with walls adorned with Maya’s work, sized from small drawings to bigger than life sized paintings. The gallery also features fashionwear and accessories like beautiful handbags designed by Maya, with her art featured in the design. Born in Russia, Maya has lived in various countries, including Israel before moving to the US. In addition to painting, Maya has performed in ballet and acts in TV in NY based series. A lover of cars, Maya also has a few classic cars that are featured in movies and TV.

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