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Long Island Portfolio Covers

Cover Stories

I WANT THE COVER! Almost every call I pick up for Long Island Portfolio, from an artist or their agent, gallery owner, clothing designer or restaurant owner, starts with those words. I am not sorry to say, the cover is not for sale. Each issue of LI Portfolio is dedicated to timely themes. Art for the cover should be attention grabbing, as we are not the arbiter of greatness, and should support the theme and the featured artist.


Our premier issue is being published on or close to November 15 and explores 2 major topical themes: a) Collaboration and b) the impact of Covid-19 on artists in 2020. Scheduled as a seasonal magazine with 2 special issues, each of our 6 annual issues will have a theme, some as yet to be determined. Within those themes, we will have various topical stories about artists, and their creations, influencers and the art world in general. Insightful interviews will bring the artist viewpoints in their own words.

Story Lines

  • Body Art – Fine art photography, body sculpting, painting, tattoos and…
  • How do art donations support the missions of 501(c)3 charities.
  • Art Destinations – Where to find the art from Montauk to Manhattan.
  • Foodies – Culinary arts from beautiful and delicious dishes to the architecture and design of the venues that serve them.
  • Climbing to the top – Classes, workshops of all kinds
  • Art and Politics – little more needs to be said
  • Live Performance – Singers, actors, dance, theater, musicians and more.

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