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Here Comes the bride during covid. Featuring Model Citizens Genine and Ralph.

Chapters Of Love 

Genine and Ralph Get Hitched During Covid at Robert Moses Beach Long Island NY

So I have not photographed weddings for some time as my body was just not up to the unexpected weather, long days, and physical demands a wedding puts on a person. When I found out that Genine was getting married, I knew right away that I had rebuilt my body well enough that I could do a wedding if I wanted to, and well I wanted to. So I gave Genine and Ralph the movie star treatments starting with incredible engagement photographs on Robert Moses Beach at sunset. The light was perfect and the sunset just seemed to last forever giving us ample opportunities for fresh looks and varying color temperatures to choose from. From the beginning of the shoot with cooler blue skies to the latter part of the sunset when the light was truly golden. Jackpot! We struck gold with that sunset and as a collaborative group creating art together we were all quite satisfied More importantly as always Genine the bride was thrilled. 

When I received a telephone call about a second shoot I was a bit surprised as we got so many great shots but it was covid19 isolation so I figured why not, let’s go back and create some more, and with that we did. This time again we had an amazing sunset but instead of using the sand dunes and varied habitats at the beach for backgrounds we all got wet. Yes we went right to the shore line and the waves were great. The crashing white waves at sunset ad just so much more to a beach portrait again we were super lucky. Ralph and Genine were like to lovebirds lol stopping to kiss and pose as I requested. Yes I did ask for a great deal of romance in this shoot and it just came natural to Genine and Ralph as they looked for any excuse to kiss, never mind a photo op. 

Genine and Ralph were delighted when the second set of photographs came out amazing as well. Not that I ever doubted it but sometimes people who are in the photos cannot see what I am seeing so I get real time feedback and my subjects not quite real time. All the same by this time I know both Ralph and Genine trusted my eye and again we had a great sunset shoot. 

Months go by and before we know it we are in full covid19 crisis and all I keep hearing from my friends in the Hospitality industry is how upset all of the brides are and how they are moving their weddings a year out. Literally an entire year was the solution by most caterers to the pandemic as they could not even try to give dates away from other clients or push those out that did not have to be pushed out. So when I heard everything was a go at the same Robert Moses Beach as originally planned, I was thrilled but a bit nervous about my health in the 95 degree heat and the almost 100% humidity and we were expecting rain. So I did what any red blooded American photographer would do, I hired insurance in the form of another photographer, Alex M. Wolff, the owner of Concierge Photography in Jericho and my co-publisher of Long Island Portfolio and we both shot the wedding. As it turned out he was a pleasure to shoot with so together we got a ton of great shots. But yes I did suffer a bit from the challenging weather and realized that anyone would be challenged at my age on days like that, not just a survivor. So I was happy when I made it through grand entrance and the reception. 

The grand entrance was via motor boat and the canal leading up to the restaurant as the entire guest list filled the open dock and greeted the now married couple to the reception. Great photo op as well. The reception was beautiful and the festivities with the exception of the masks on some guests and the vendors, the same as any none covid wedding. In fact when I asked Genine about her thoughts on this story and the interview we did for it, she said that she considered her wedding exactly as she dreamed it would be. No not with the rain that was drenching everything all day, but Genine shared that the fact that everything cooled off and the sun appearing just as we arrived was a sign from God that this wedding was blessed and was always meant to put spirituality first. 

I remain grateful that I have been allowed the opportunity to document this journey and Chapter of Love between Genine and Ralph and I know that we will be creating together for a very long time. Because of the amazing attitude both Ralph and Genine have no matter what adversity they face, or what the day does or does not hold for them, both Ralph and Genine are nominated as model citizens. As always, Live in Gratitude, Pay it Forward, Cherish your Chapters of Love. 

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