Gabrielle Baker – Artist Statement

Gabrielle Baker

Metallurgy 9 – Copper Patina, 18x”x18″

I am a Bronx-born, African American abstract artist, currently living in Harlem, NY. 

My journey as an artist began at age ten at the Art Students’ League in New York City in a watercolor class led my Mrs. Ethel Katz.  I used my portfolio of paintings I created there as my entrance application to Music and Art High School.  Unfortunately, as I approached college-age, I was discouraged by “well intentioned” adults in my life from pursuing art as a vocation.  I eventually lost interest in painting and chose other career options, however, there was always a gnawing question in the back of my mind “why aren’t you painting?”  Along the way, several people pushed and prodded me to get back to painting, but I only went as far as dibbling and dabbling as a hobbyist. 

Mineralogy 10 – Rose Quartz Stone, 24” X 24”

Three things reignited my passion to paint after a thirty-plus-year hiatus.  To re-immerse myself in painting, I took a course at Parson’s School of Design and I was encouraged by one of my instructors to “get serious” about my art.   Second, during a meditation course called “Finding Your Purpose,” I had a vision of a Native American woman who told me that my purpose was to “bring beauty to the earth.”  Third, I entered my first abstract painting of Copper Metal into a 2015 Montclair, NJ exhibit just for the experience. To my surprise – it was purchased!  I took this as a clue from the Universe that I should keep going and I quickly got back on track. I continued painting abstracts of other metals – gold, silver, titanium, and platinum. 

I thought I was taking a diversion with a painting of turquoise mineral,

but quickly realized I was not diverting at all. Minerals are embedded in rocks, and when found in large concentrations, they are referred to as ores.  Ores are mined to extract the metals within.  I was still in my “element” after all. As it evolves, each painting is a discovery and a learning experience, as I juxtapose earth hues with metallic and/or non-metallic colors, adding other medium to mimic the beauty that exists in nature.  There is no shortage of metals or minerals to choose from so the options are limitless.

Mineralogy 1 – Turquoise, 48” X 60” 

Besides their real-world applications, these elements or materials are also known to have healing or spiritual properties.  I delved into this after a customer enlightened me when she purchased two abstracts of gold metal.  I learned that copper moves spiritual energy, improves circulation, and helps with detoxification.  Gold balances and harmonizes, improves our mental and emotional attitudes while promoting energy, power, and mental focus. Silver also affects the emotions ….and is also known for its antimicrobial properties.  Turquoise mineral instills calm, relieves exhaustion, and increases creativity.  Associated with wisdom and spiritual grounding, Native Americans hold turquoise in high regard for its spiritual properties.  Rose Quartz, known as the “love stone” opens the heart, increasing feelings of love, including self-love.  Interior designers are trained to use color to elicit feelings and emotions when designing a space.  In my view metals and minerals have the ability toconnect on a deeper subconscious level.

in a show entitled RISE, which addresses the exhibition disparity for Black women artists.  The gallery is located at 24 West 120th Street, Harlem, NY (  Open to the public beginning May 8, 2021, closing May 29, 2021.  Ten guests permitted in the gallery at a time, first come first serve.  Contact Gabrielle directly through her website, Instagram @gbakerart,  or email her at

Metallurgy 16 – Antique Copper, 48” X 36”

Metallurgy 12 – Titanium, 36” X 48”

Minerology 6 – Ethiopian Opal,  48” X 36”

Metallurgy 19 – Gold Alloyed, 18” X 18”

Gabrielle Baker Heath Gallery
Gabrielle Baker at Heath Gallery

Gabrielle Baker will be at Heath Gallery until May 29th. Her work will still be available online. Her next in-person showing is in the Montclair Museum in Mid June.

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