Alex M Wolff

Food As Art

Chefs create art for the eyes, nose, and tongue. Rightfully so, we have come to expect our food to look good, smell good and taste good. There are exceptions to the rule, like durian melon in Asia. While on assignment in Hong Kong and Singapore I heard stories of people that would swim through shark-infested waters to reach an island with durian growing and ripening. I mention this because it has been described as tastes like heaven, but smells like hell. An interesting choice for those that have developed a taste for it.

The Art of Food Photography

I have a lot of choices as a food photographer and I prefer to photograph fresh from the kitchen dishes. So when the phone rings and it is a food job, I always ask if I will be working with the owner, chef, or a food stylist. I also ask where the photo will be displayed.

Food stylists are amazing artists in their own right. They know how to stage food so it tastes as good on your website as it does on the plate, but my preference is to work with the chef whenever possible. Chefs tend to have a very strong vision for how their food should be displayed, and which components of the dish need to be emphasized. Most dishes, like you and me, have a face, and that face needs to be captured for a primary shot.

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