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Long Island Portfolio Media Kit

We surround people with talent and vision but are often unable to see or experience for ourselves because it is buried in basements, towns and cities, churches and vfw halls, and even on street corners. I believe he is back in school in Virginia, but singer and performing artist Finnbar Mac (Finn MacDevitt) can be seen busking around Huntington with his guitar case open for donations. I want to see him on stage at The Paramount and hear his music on Spotify.
Our first cover is graced with local artist Robyn Bellospirito. Robyn, all by herself represents painters and dancers and photographers, models, costume designers and character creators. We have collaborated on several projects and she shares the collaborative effort, joint art design. I forgot to mention she also sings and creates music.  I would love to help get her story and work in front of a greater audience and help her sell her work. Wouldn’t you? She is so creative, imagine she could devote her time to her artistic expression and not her day job (which is also creative, as she is a writer)

How to be an Instagram Model Featuring Courtney

Model Courtney by Alex M Wolff

Social media is an essential tool for building your brand, making connections, and finding work. In fact, it’s become so important that many top modeling agencies now require their models to be on social media. Here’s how you can use Instagram to further your modeling career and your business.

Instagram is like a modern-day photographic portfolio. Whether you like modeling or photography or anything else you are passionate about, social media is your online portfolio. You define your personal style and let your Instagram grid or photo album display it. Don’t just show us your but (as so many Instagram influencers do) show us your personality and what interests you. Anyone can accumulate likes and views by taking off most of their clothes, but to use Instagram to obtain tangible results, bookings, and reach to major brands you need to define who you are. It certainly does not hurt to show your but, however, unless you are endorsing lingerie your views and likes may not translate into bookings.

Here Comes the bride during covid. Featuring Model Citizens Genine and Ralph.

So I have not photographed weddings for some time as my body was just not up to the unexpected weather, long days, and physical demands a wedding puts on a person. When I found out that Genine was getting married, I knew right away that I had rebuilt my body well enough that I could do a wedding if I wanted to, and well I wanted to. So I gave Genine and Ralph the movie star treatments starting with incredible engagement photographs on Robert Moses Beach at sunset. The light was perfect and the sunset just seemed to last forever giving us ample opportunities for fresh looks and varying color temperatures to choose from. From the beginning of the shoot with cooler blue skies to the latter part of the sunset when the light was truly golden. Jackpot! We struck gold with that sunset and as a collaborative group creating art together we were all quite satisfied More importantly as always Genine the bride was thrilled.