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Pollock Krasner House

Known for a special quality of light especially on the East End, Long Island has always been home to great and famous artists. Some of those artists were born and raised here, others were transient, coming here seasonally for the light or social life. The Hamptons remains one of the hottest art destinations on Long Island.

On a sunny August day, I visited the house that Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner bought in East Hampton in 1945. With such a beautiful house and barn, on a scenic property overlooking a large field and water, you would almost expect him to have a landscape or two. Of course, Pollock’s work was mostly drip painting that he pioneered.


At Pollock Krasner House, you have access to the grounds, the house, and the barn where Pollock worked. And Lee Krasner also worked there. Large canvases would be laid on the floor and Pollock would work from all angles, applying paint not only to the canvas but also to the floor.  So as a photographer, I thought that floor was gold! I found many interesting splatters and created some artworks of my own from his sloppy seconds. A few of those images accompany this article. Unlike Jackson Pollock’s work, these are not purposeful.

You will not have to create your art from the barn floor. You can check with the museum when you call for a reservation, to see if they are hosting a splatter paint session. They supply a square canvas and some acrylic paints and leave you to it.

There are many artist’s homes on Long Island, as well as galleries, studios, installations, and museums. And art can also be found in alternate spaces such as our libraries, religious homes, and even restaurants.  Send us an email at and tell us about your favorite Long Island Art Destination.

For more information:

Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center
830 Springs-Fireplace Road
East Hampton, NY 11937-1512
Phone: (631) 324-4929
Fax: (631) 324-8768

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