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Long Island Portfolio is an online art magazine based in New York. Our mission is to provide people in all of the arts an effective vehicle to promote themselves and their art. From Montauk to Manhattan, we share their stories.

Artists of All Types

We do not limit the type of art or artist represented in Long Island Portfolio. If you can put the art of in front of the description, or arts afterwards, we want to help you promote yourself and your work.

Musicians and Entertainers, Painters and Sculptors, Dancers…

We distribute Long Island Portfolio via email PDF, and our multi-media website that includes video interviews, music, and world class photography. We focus geographically from Montauk to Manhattan but our reach is global. Our featured artists share the magazine and their stories with friends and clients throughout the world. You can nominate your favorite artists to be featured in any of your seasonal or special issues.

LongIslandPortfolio.Com is new, but we have pedigree!

Portfolio is the product of a collaboration of Co-publishers Alex M. Wolff and John Dowling, Jr. the publisher of Model Citizens Magazine. Our website and marketing plan mimics the successful methods pioneered by Model Citizens, using strong SEO to ensure we and all of our artists rise to the top in the search engines.

A new distribution model for a new world

Long Island Portfolio magazine has a completely new business model for distribution providing compressed copies for its featured artists to post on social media, email directly, text entire issues, and post on their own social media sites. The fine art original photographs and individual stories of those recognized in each issue can also be printed on museum-quality photographic papers, canvas, and displayed in the “Real World” offices and homes of those who are honored. This allows the subjects to obtain the most value from each month’s issue.

How is Portfolio Funded?

Long Island Portfolio is funded by advertising, donations, and direct contributions by the featured artists portrayed in the issues themselves. NO-ONE can BUY a nomination and contributions are voluntary but are the foundation as to how Long Island Portfolio Magazine has become the choice of artists promoting their brands. To contact us please click here: Contact.

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Model Citizens Magazine with Alex M. Wolff discussing the launch and purpose of Long Island Portfolio.

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